I love it when content is relatable

Once I was with my dad at ihop in like……2003 and I turned to him and said: “dad………I really like this song and I need the CD” and he asked which song and I said “ok it’s called……Mamma mia”

The first album that really meant something to me was Abba Gold

I baked a cake for my mom’s birthday and went to find some raspberries to use for a frosting so I opened the fridge downstairs and guess what I found…… If you guessed 2 whole cakes you’d be right……

Happy birthday to the 2 most important JCs in my life: my mom and julian casablancas

No offense to anyone out there but I honestly love sleeping

I had a dream that I took lots of pictures of dogs but when I awoke: no dogs

This dog loves to lick me. Which means, its love

Normally I’m terrified of dogs but. This dog, I like